About Investly

Who are we?

We're a professional sports team. Not a middle school let-everybody-play football team, but a well functioning and driven group of professionals who have absolute focus on common objectives. Similarly to professional athletes, we appreciate skill, learning, self motivation, collaboration, results and play in our daily duties.

What do we do?

Investly brings the financing for small businesses who seek to grow. We connect investors of all sizes with companies who need financing for working capital and expanding their business. We're based in Tallinn and London with an international team.

Who are we for?

Small companies who want to grow, but don't get access to financing.

Investors of all sizes, who want to earn competitive returns by supporting small businesses.

Our story

While working in Zurich for UBS in 2013, Siim got a firsthand experience of how easy it was for large companies to access funding through debt markets. At the same time, small companies were being shunned by banks all the while investors were holding record amounts of cash on their accounts.

He started building a platform to connect investors with businesses that needed funding. The increasingly weak and bureaucratic banking sector was unable to address the issue. He was joined by a few technical people and Ruth, who would become the UK Manager.

They were accepted to join Startup Wise Guys, a top B2B accelerator in Europe. The first business loan was issued in Q3 of 2014. After careful analysis, it became clear that businesses used the money to manage their cash flow. The team decided to pivot from business loans to invoice discounting. It helps businesses get paid faster for their invoices and is more suitable for cash flow needs.

In January 2016 invoice discounting was launched in Estonia, followed by the UK in March. The business loan product was discontinued in Q2 to allow the team to keep their focus. Showing product market fit, Investly raised another round of funding to grow the team and scale the business.

In 2016, Investly helped fund €4.2 million invoices and saved businesses 30 years of waiting for their invoices to be paid. At the same time, investors earned an average return of 12.4%. In a year, the team grew from 5 to 25 employees.



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